About Chempac

Chempac was started in 1989 in the South Western Cape with the focus being heavily on fruit crops as this is the main deciduous fruit and wine production region of South Africa.

Chempac initially only represented the interests of the Sipcam-Oxon Group in South Africa but our product range rapidly expanded during the nineties with products from various overseas suppliers being tested and registered. Chempac correctly predicted the fruit producers’ future need for effective monitoring of pests with the move towards the more judicious use of agricultural chemicals. Chempac has also been striving to introduce more environmentally friendly products over the years. This is to help the growers achieve an end goal of fruit production with zero chemical residues as being pushed for in many of the countries to which South Africa exports fruit. Chempac’s range now consists of pheromone monitoring and mating disruption products, stem barrier products for weevil control on fruit, biofungicides, micro nutrients, chemical thinning plant growth regulants and some chemical control products.

Our sales area has also grown over the years and is now countrywide. The focus however is still heavily in the fruit production areas of the country, ie all the deciduous fruit and citrus production areas of the Cape and the sub-tropical fruit and Citrus production areas in the north east of the country. Chempac has avoided focussing on the main stream traditional chemical market as this has become dominated by cheap Chinese and Indian generic chemicals. Instead Chempac focuses on markets that require a higher degree of technical input and service levels. This has led to Chempac being regarded as a leader in certain fields like for instance monitoring of insect pests, mating disruption of certain insects, controlling weevils by banding of trees and post harvest use of DPA and Opti-Cal. This in turn has resulted in Chempac being well positioned to enter the fruit market effectively with post harvest wax coatings and new innovative technologies such as thermofogging of fungicides and DPA. Chempac is well respected in the industry and is always well received by the agents.

Chempac represent a number of smaller multinational companies in South Africa such as the Sipcam/Oxon group (Italy), Borax International - now Rio Tinto (USA / UK), Pace International (USA), Scentry Biologicals (USA), Quimetal (Chile), Futureco Bioscience (Spain), GroChem (New Zealand) and Intrachem (Italy).